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Alec Maruki

Alec Maruki Creative Projects Intern
Enough Pie Staff

Alec Maruki is the creative projects intern from the College of Charleston Master of Public Administration program. They will be supporting the maintenance of current installations and future creative projects, as well as, creating installation narrative, commissioned artists, and the volunteers involved.

Alec’s passion lies within arts, education, and advocacy. Growing up, they loved to draw and take part in art-related activities. They have a strong drive for local community involvement and they believe in the work that nonprofits provide.

They conducted an academic internship for Arts for Life (an organization that focuses on arts education) at Brenner Children’s Hospital where they created weekly art lessons for oncology and hematology patients. They loved working directly with patients and their families, providing hope, as well as, creative outlets despite their treatment and diagnosis.

Additionally, Alec is a huge fan of K-pop, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is half Japanese, and a lover of cats!

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