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William Scott

William Scott Community Build 1:1 Fellow
Enough Pie Staff

William Scott is the Community Build 1:1 Fellow from Clemson University, School of  Architecture Master’s Program for the Spring 2023 semester.  William will be working on visual, urban, creative placemaking design concepts to support advocacy, story-telling and engagement in neighborhoods and communities on Charleston’s peninsula.

William is a native of Clinton, SC.  His interests in architecture stemmed from a very young age, wanting to provide equal access to housing and equity in architecture for people from all walks of life.  This passion led to him pursuing his BA in Architecture Degree from Clemson University where he mentored freshman studios with various softwares and workflow techniques in GA position. He also received the AIA Student Design Award, among other awards and recognition for his work in design.

While pursuing his education, William has always kept his desire to see change in the community by volunteering for different organizations.  He is most proud of his contribution to the renovation project for Rebuild, where he had the opportunity to replace rotted studs, add updated siding and fixtures, and tend to landscape. This led to saving the homeowner from being evicted due to harsh, uninhabitable conditions.

When not working for BOUDREAUX based in Columbia, SC, William loves spending time outdoors (especially birthday hikes), daily runs (since age 14) and currently teaching himself Chinese via Duo Lingo!

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