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Picture this: A community, once quiet and connected, on the outskirts of the peninsula that was often used to get between Downtown and North Charleston. Neighbors within this community had relationships – most of which spanned over several generations. The support within this community built lasting businesses and restaurants, while artists added their creative magic with painted murals on buildings and streets.  Stories and dreams started as conversations and ended in community foundations.

This was the foundation for Enough Pie’s creation 10 years ago.

A lot has changed since 2011, when the individuals within this community began gathering with collective voices and solutions to preserve the history, culture, and neighborhoods on the Upper Peninsula. Enough Pie has committed to using creativity to connect and engage the community, while educating and promoting awareness around social justice, economic justice, environmental justice and cultural preservation through our annual Awakenings. These authentic campaigns have touched thousands of people over the years – creating new partnerships and friendships.   

As Enough Pie plans for the future, we want to hear from YOU – the community with which we started this work.

Beginning in February, Enough Pie will host a series of listening sessions with Awakening X: InTENtion. With each conversation lifting voices from specific stakeholder groups, also known as affinity groups, we will have authentic conversations about the community we call (or once called) home. We will celebrate the amazing work we did together, while discussing the most important issues impacting our community today.

View the event calendar, choose which group best represents how you show up on the Peninsula.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing your voice!

With Intention, 

Thetyka Robinson
Interim Executive Director

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