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On Saturday, June 4 2016, Enough Pie hosted our fourth annual AWAKENING in the backyard of the high rise building Joseph Floyd Manor in the Upper Peninsula.

The community enjoyed indigo-inspired art, storytelling, dance, music from Ohm Radio 96.3FM, food from Roti Rolls + One80 Place, and weave the fence with Artist & Craftsman. As the sun set, we screened an outdoor documentary film — Blue Alchemy — with the filmmaker Mary Lance in attendance.

This year, AWAKENING, a part of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, also celebrates the launch of Enough Pie’s most collaborative project to date: INDIGO VAT SHACK, a hands-on indigo dye vat where guests are invited to explore the history, culture, science and arts of indigo.

Participating Artists

  • Kristy Bishop, Shroud of Blue – Sculpture
  • Arianne King-Comer, Batik Indigo Banners
  • Sharon Cooper-Murray, Rag Quilt Bottle Tree & Storytelling
  • Catherine Cross, Sweep – Performance
  • Rosemary Dillon + St. Julian Devine Community Center, A Home for My Heart in Charleston – Sculpture
  • Cara Ernst, Sisters of Indigo – Sculpture
  • Susan Gregory + Rachel Stubbs, The Hainty Hum and Hustle Blues
  • Lamar Hunter, Dancer
  • Leigh Magar, Madame Magar Silhoutte – Sculpture/Weaving
  • Sharen Mitchell, Ren – Sculpture
  • Heather K. Powers, Indra’s Cosmic Indigo Mandala
  • Jacob Stanley + Angelike Angelopoulous, Gabled Story – Sculpture
  • Karl Zurfluh, Indigo – Painting

More About Indigo Vat Shack

Vat Shack is the first public indigo dye space in Charleston to offer hands-on experiences with indigo, a historic and sacred dye plant with deep roots in SC. The Vat Shack is an off-the-grid, sustainable mobile shack designed and built by Clemson Design.Build that will engage local residents and bring new creative communities into the Upper Peninsula.

Awakening IV: Indigo Flyer

Workshops, community dye days, and more will unfold for almost a year of programming so plan to get your hands blue!  Like all Enough Pie programs, this event is free — all are welcome! #awakeningindigo

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