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It’s Time To Start: Guest Post by Sandy Logan


The eastern corridors of Charleston’s northern commercial core were, in their heyday, bustling with the activity of railways, trucks and small industrial entities. Outside the “gates” of Historic Charleston lay the commercial mechanisms that allowed Downtown her nonchalance and profound disregard for anything that actually provided her capital besides “old money.”

But the city has grown beyond those ivied walls, and, at the same time, has been discovered by a new younger and more energetic population. There was nowhere to grow but north. That process eventually took that growth up to the edge of “The Neck,” a now largely abandoned commercial and light industrial wasteland that needs to be awakened and utilized.

There are, at present, organizations that wish to take the helm of that renaissance, owing largely to the City either being unwilling to look beyond its present downtown and patron base, or even being unable to envision the kind of change that is needed. What is desired and called for, is to transform this area into a most vital, creative and progressive cauldron of activity, attuned to more than quiet brick streets, grand homes and laissez-faire attitude, and have it become an exciting mixed-use area that is more reflective of different values.


[Words by local photographer Sandy Logan. Many thanks for sharing and inspiring!]

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