The Awakening Mini-documentary

“Community-based art can be a really great way to galvanize a community … It’s supposed to probe people to ask questions they didn’t know they needed to ask.”

— Mark Sloan, The Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art

We are excited to share the Awakening mini-documentary: a look back at July’s transformative event held in 1600 Meeting. The mini-doc contains interviews with participating artists John Duckworth and Sharen Mitchell, as well as The Halsey Institute’s Mark Sloan, and highlights how our programming fosters arts-based community engagement on the upper peninsula.

Thank you to Chris Hanson of Hanson Media House, and interviewees John Duckworth, Sharen Mitchell and Mark Sloan.

Awakening was a chance to awaken the community and awaken the city of Charleston to an area that is very important – it’s a lot of people’s homes, it’s their livelihood, and it shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s something that should be preserved.”
-Sharen Mitchell, artist

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