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Awakening III (Solstice 2013)

Let the sunshine in! Throughout June 2015, a group of local artists + collaborators will transform a corner lot cement warehouse on Huger Street with a series of vibrant murals and installations inspired by a cornerstone mural from globally acclaimed graffiti artist Odeith. The transformation will culminate at Midsummer with a celebration on June 20th from 4-8pm featuring performance, music and site-specific art installations to showcase radiant creativity against a newly created luminous backdrop.

AWAKENING III: SOLSTICE is a collaborative arts experience that transforms the corner of Huger + Hanover Street into a vibrant community mural, culminating June 20th where the finished 166 feet of artwork serves as the backdrop for creative merrymaking. SOLSTICE is rooted in the transformative ability to work together to create vibrant and inspiring beauty beginning at the base of Charleston’s upper peninsula and radiating up the corridor.

Sergio Odeith, a well-known Portugese painter and muralist based in Lisbon, will inspire local Charleston artists for this site installation. His 3D graffiti, which jumps off the wall, will be the cornerstone of the installation with the remaining wall space on each side of the corner radiating with the work of locals artists for a complete transformation of this building and prominent corner on Huger Street.

Enough Pie is hosting a wide call for local artists, including graffiti artists, muralists, and painters to envision the site along two large walls at the Dixie Furniture warehouse on Huger Street @ Hanover (wall size approximately 13 ft. tall x XX wide). Additional artists of all expertise, from performance to installation, are also invited to submit proposals for the event onsite SOLSTICE on June 20th from 4-8pm.

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