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Awakening: Motion Call for Volunteers, Neighbors, Builders, Everyone!

Want to MAKE something meaningful for our community? So Do We.

Awakening: Motion will take place from May 1 to June 1, 2018 in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula.

Enough Pie & Charleston Moves invite you to get involved with one of the projects outlined below, hop onto an existing project or public artwork or event for the six annual AWAKENING (a yearly event series centered on a different theme for each occurrence).  The 6th AWAKENING is AWAKENING: MOTION, with protected and connected mobility as the inspiration.

The right for a person to choose the most efficient, safe, and dignified method of travel is critical for a strong, empowered community.  AWAKENING: MOTION is a series of community artwork and public projects in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula that aims to dignify mobility through creative solutions so that everyone feels safe & welcome on our streets.

Below is a list of projects that need leadership, artistic vision, and volunteer support.  Please join us at one of the scheduled public meetings to ask questions and get involved. From Your Friends @ Enough Pie & CHS Moves!

Charleston Moves & Enough Pie will be involved in each project, however, projects are being divided and conquered based on each organization’s strengths.  Please contact either OR for more information on specific projects.

Linear Sculpture

Create a linear artwork site specific to the underpass to be experienced by bike or foot along a 0.6 mile section of the proposed Low Line (Cypress to Romney to Huger). Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Dance, Performances & Events

Performance Art! Activate crosswalks with short performances and/or perform on buses for Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA) patrons en route. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Devine Knitters Sculptures

Knitters and crocheters meet weekly at St. Julian Devine Community Center to create colorful, artistic sculptures wrapped in yarn. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Bus Stops

Envision and fabricate a bus stop, complete with a bench and sunshade, for patrons of the city buses to wait for public transportation. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Lowcountry Rapid Transit Hub & Community Space

Envision and construct an engaging architectural piece for imagining a rapid transit center at the future site. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Creative Crosswalks

Help paint a crosswalk concept to be applied on a City of Charleston street. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Community Wayfinding

Dynamic signage to shine a light on existing resources such as grocery stores, libraries, community centers, gardens, flood routes, etc. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

Bridgeview Bike Lane

Help the children of Bridgeview Village bike, walk, or scooter safely from their homes to Food Lion via Brigade/Cypress Street. Download the related one-pager (PDF).

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