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In Bloom: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park

Photos by Adam Chandler Photography

IN BLOOM: AWAKENING Vivian Anderson Moultrie Park (FALL 2020)

Vivan Moultrie -- Enough Pie
Vivian A. Moultrie

“Many of us are descendants of farmers, and we have an important understanding of the land in our everyday lives. Parks are important.”

Vivian Anderson Moultrie

Vivian Anderson Moultrie was a longtime resident of North Central. She loved her family, friends and neighbors. Moultrie enjoyed volunteering, gardening, and understood the importance of land. In Bloom: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park is dedicated to her legacy.

Enough Pie, along with two Managing Artists, will a team of 20+ column artists, partners, volunteers, and community members and bring to life 47 concrete columns beneath the I-26 underpass between King St. and Mt. Pleasant St. Artwork will be based on the theme of South Carolina native plants and pollinators, in response to neighbors’ desire for more green in the space. During Phase I of the project, 30 of the 47 columns will be painted, with the remaining columns completed in Phase 2.

In Bloom: Awakening Vivian Moultrie ParkIn Bloom: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park

In partnership with the City of Charleston Parks Department, the space will receive new children’s equipment thanks to the 2020 PARD grant in late Fall 2020 or early Spring 2021, as city projects continue amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Signage will be erected to credit all artists and partners, as well as Vivian Moultrie’s legacy.

Moveable tables and chairs and other recreation and gathering elements will be incorporated, budget permitting. In future phases, a living wall will be planted in the raised brick beds (now dormant) to increase breathable oxygen in the park and assist with shade and sound remediation, and rain gardens will be installed throughout low-lying grassy areas for stormwater mitigation. A basketball court will be created on the existing concrete slab.


The unifying theme of the 47 columns within VIVIAN MOULTRIE PARK, spanning from just south of Mt. Pleasant Street to King Street, will be native plants and pollinators from South Carolina, focusing on 10 plant species selected for their color, pollinator relationships, and diverse range across ecosystems in South Carolina.

Supporting Artists

Enough Pie will also fund artist stipends for all participating artists, as well as provide all materials (paint, primer, drop cloths, ladders, etc). Enough Pie will maintain the quality of the artwork of VIVIAN MOULTRIE PARK, as we have done with our many projects on private and public properties to date. Learn more about our Fall 2020 Managing and Supporting Artists here! Click here to learn more about Phase II’s Supporting Artists.


Partners currently include the following organizations:

Project Updates

  • December 1, 2020: City Council approves PARD grant to fund ~$40,000 worth of Vivian Moultrie Park playground renovations with Barrs Recreation.

More to Come

More information, including socially distanced programming opportunities, such as poetry workshops, outdoor art classes, and park clean-ups, is to come.

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