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North Central: Black History on the Charleston Peninsula

The first community featured in Enough Pie’s Black History on the Charleston Peninsula series is North Central.

Beloved Community Members

Reverend Alma Dungee: Community activist who led the North Central Neighborhood Association for 38 years.

Vivan Moultrie -- Enough Pie
Vivian A. Moultrie

Cynthia Graham Hurd: Former John L. Dart librarian who tragically died in the Mother Emanuel Massacre.

Vivian Anderson Moultrie: Former longtime community member who loved nature and giving back to her neighbors. She’s the namesake of Vivian Moultrie Park, which is home to Enough Pie’s groundbreaking, public art project– IN BLOOM: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park.

Community Gems

First African Evangelical Church and Child Development Center: Led by Reverend Tyrone Dash and his family, First African is a staple in the North Central community. In addition to being known for their work in the Civil Rights Movement, the Dash family is passionate about community engagement and empowerment. First African’s outdoor space is home to the Butterfly Book Nook.

Butterfly Book Nook and Garden: The pollinator and story-time garden is a community project created in memory of longtime resident, Cynthia Graham Hurd. One of her visions for the North Central community was to have a safe and creative space for residents to enjoy.


North Central is known for its vernacular architecture and “freedman’s cottages”. Freedman Cottages earned its name when the single-room homes became occupied by newly freed African-Americans, who came to Charleston to find work. The homes were also occupied by German and Irish immigrants, and the working-class residents of different backgrounds, including German and Irish immigrants. (Resource: Historic Charleston Foundation / Charleston Mag)

North Central Map -- Enough Pie

Stay tuned for in-depth personal interviews and business spotlights featuring North Central residents and businesses. What’s your connection to North Central? Comment below or Tweet us using the hashtag #CHSPenBlackHistory!

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