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Community Assistance Program

Enough Pie is excited to collaborate with College of Charleston’s CAP program for the 2013 spring semester. We have met with Janet Key, the program’s Director, as well as current CAP students and they are very enthusiastic about our mission and excited to get involved.

The Community Assistance Program (CAP) is an outreach effort offered by students in the Master of Public Administration Program. This program utilizes the students’ studies and talents to find innovative ways to help governments and non-profits succeed and thrive– from programming assistance to internal operation review.

The CAP students will be instrumental in helping Enough Pie with surveys and quantitative research, data collection, program development and much more. We will work with CAP students to set metrics to measure our success. Once the correct tools are in place we will be able to track our progress for years to come. We are honored to be working with the students at the very onset + launch of Enough Pie.

Enough Pie will utilize existing indicator models as well as create proprietary models to measure the creative outputs, outcomes, and impacts of our efforts. By focusing on a specific geographic area in its nascent phase, we hope to better quantify the economic and societal impact arts and culture has on a neighborhood/city.

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