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Enough Pie + Yo Art!

This spring, Enough Pie collaborated with Yo Art! and 5th and 6th grade students at James Simons Elementary to take photos of community leaders for a traveling banner.

During the month of April, the students went on a series of community field trips to the fire station, the Dart Library, and the Charleston Boxing Club to interview community leaders about their job and the history of the community.

We are excited to announce that the banner is now hanging at the Charleston County Library, and is heading to the Dart Library before too much longer. EP is proud of the students for engaging with their community leaders to learn more about the history of the neighborhood they call home, and for creating this amazing banner.

A special thank you to Gene Furchott, Obed Danjoint and Lea Wagener from James Simons for making this incredible banner come to life! Thank you to our co-sponsors RKO and the Henry & Sylvia Yaschik Foundation for helping to fund the project.

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