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From now until Tuesday, October 10th Enough Pie will be fundraising for 5 upcoming community projects.  Help us reach our goal of $30,000 by donating now at ARTSMATTERDAY.ORG now through October 10th.

Our mission is to use creativity to connect and empower our community and we have 5 projects that need your help.

Butterfly Book Nook: Storytelling & Pollinator Garden
3 Artist-Led Bus Stops
10 Creative Crosswalks
Collaborative Murals
UpStart Grants: Seed Money for Creative Community Projects


Butterfly Book Nook

Located across the street from each other on Upper King, First African Day School & John L. Dart Library are in need of outdoor, educational opportunities to enrich the minds of local children. We broke ground with a wonderful community celebration on Sunday, October 1 (check out photos here), and work days begin Saturday, October 7th the 1st/3rd Saturday of each month.

ARTS MATTER DAY 20173 Artist-Led Bus Stops

The bus stops in the Upper Peninsula do not have shelter, shade, or safety. When it is 90+ degrees out, with the humidity we are all familiar with, there is no escape when waiting for public transportation. Standing on the side of the road, next to a small sign is isolating and dangerous. This situation is solvable with bus stops that are attractive and well-designed.

ARTS MATTER DAY 201710 Creative Crosswalks

Help us bring beauty to the streets of the Upper Peninsula while emphasizing safety and walkability.  Our communities are stronger when they are more connected.  Placing an emphasis on the huge amount of residents and business owners that rely on roads to be crossable helps bring people together.


Collaborative Murals

Works of art of the community, by the community, and for the community.  Highlighting spaces to gather, murals act as vibrant signs for inclusivity and neighborhoods.  Enough Pie collaborates with artists throughout the upper peninsula to creatively envision how the neighborhood could be with the visions of those that rely on the area. Some past projects include the John L. Dart Library mural and the multiple murals at the corner of Huger and Nassau Street.

ARTS MATTER DAY 2017UpStart Grants: Seed Money for Creative Community Projects

Seed money for creative community projects that connect the Upper Peninsula. We created UP-Start to help fund and support creative ideas in the Upper Peninsula. So far, Enough Pie has funded over 10 projects, including a mosaic hopscotch for the Romney Street Urban Garden, Lowcountry Barbers & Books, and A.C.E. Summer Camp.


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