Pieces of the Pie: the Community Engagement Council of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood

This month, Enough Pie met with the inspiring folks of the Community Engagement Council of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood. According to their mission, the Charleston Promise Neighborhood works to “develop the 5.6 mile struggling area of Charleston’s “Neck” region into a prosperous community with many college-educated adults who are committed to transforming the dynamic of their neighborhood for generations to come.”

To further this mission, the Charleston Promise Neighborhood brought together the Community Engagement Council: a group of residents, business owners and stakeholders who work together to bridge the gap between Charleston Promise Neighborhood and the community. Through outreach and events, the council determines and responds to the needs of the community while serving as a voice for CPN’s work.

We too believe that all children deserve to grow up in communities of promise – communities where schools and the surrounding neighborhoods, organizations and businesses work together to create that promise. That is why Enough Pie is so honored to be a member of the Community Engagement Council. Our work is part of a much bigger pie, and by collaborating with like-minded organizations such as the Community Engagement Council, we can create a promising future – together. We look forward to partnerships and collaborations to come.

(And help us extend a warm welcome to the Charleston Promise Neighborhood as they settle into their new office on upper Meeting Street, pictured above. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors!)

To learn more about the Community Engagement Council and get involved, please contact Council Chairman Aj Davis.

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