Magnolias at Martha Lou’s

Martha Lou’s is a real institution. If you haven’t been there, cancel your lunch plans (or better yet, make some) and head up their way. The hospitality will make you miss your mama, the atmosphere feels like home, and then there’s the fried chicken. Maybe we have a flair for the dramatic, but it just might be the best in the world.

When Enough Pie got word that there were unplanted magnolias at 1600 Meeting in need of a home, we began searching for spots in the neighborhood with the land to accommodate. While meeting a woodworker for lunch to discuss bus benches (more on this soon!), we asked the ladies at Martha Lou’s if they’d be interested in adopting a tree or two. The answer was a resounding yes, and without further ado, the trees were moved down the road to their new home.

After spots on site were carefully chosen with the staff of Martha Lou’s, we rounded up our staff + volunteers to get the trees in the ground. A few hours and a whole lotta elbow grease later, the lot by the little pink building was three trees greener. Top it all off with a cup of sweet tea, and you have yourself a perfect Saturday afternoon.

It may be years before they reach full size, but we are excited to watch them grow to one day shade the lovely ladies of Martha Lou’s and their customers + community. We may even host a StreatWeekly here soon, so keep an eye out.

There are still leftover trees at 1600 Meeting, but they need to be planted – soon! If you know of a spot on the upper peninsula that’s well-suited for a tree or two, please contact Enough Pie will assist with transportation and planting of the trees.

Thank you to our friends at Martha Lou’s for being the wonderful ladies they are, Lindsay Nevin of Flyway for the trees, Hal Coste for helping out with transportation, and volunteers Clayton, Hunter + Jordan for their horticultural knowledge and time.

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