Planting Magnolias in Union Heights

“We see miracles happening every day at “Yenna Chilen House…” 

A blue house located in the Union Heights neighborhood on the upper peninsula will be transformed into an arts + community center for everyone to enjoy. Elder Carlie Towne, who grew up in Union Heights, is a leader of The Gullah/Geechee Angel Network and has a refreshing vision for the space:

“… by evoking the creative spirit of the community through design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning by way of the Gullah/Geechee Culture, making for a brighter future for everyone.” 

With the help of family and neighbors, we planted two magnolias in the backyard, giving them time to take root before renovations begin. Between unearthing several antique bottles and taking way too many photos, we managed to get the trees in the ground before a heavy rain fell in the early afternoon. We lingered and chatted on the porch regardless, brainstorming future collaborations.

We can’t wait to see this house take on a whole new life + energy!

Thank you to Carlie and her family and friends for spending the afternoon chatting + planting, Lindsay Nevin of Flyway for the trees, and Clayton + Jordan for helping out with transportation.

Enough Pie is still looking for a few more small businesses, churches, schools or community centers on the upper peninsula that would like magnolia trees. Please contact with any recommendations. We will assist with transportation and planting.

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