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Meet the Artists: IN BLOOM: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park Phase 2

Learn more about the Vivian Moultrie Park Project’s Phase II Supporting Artists!

Meet the Artists: IN BLOOM: Awakening Vivian Moultrie Park Phase 2
Map created by Alyssa Pinkham, Architecture & Community Build Fellow

Alexandria Dickerson (Aleda Andro)
Pronouns: They/Them
Instagram: @aleda.andro

Alexandria Dickerson is a self-taught artist from Charleston, SC. They explore the utopian potential of Afrofuturism through acrylic/spray painting, linoleum block printing and textile design. They are interested in how the process of creation will evolve over time and how it can be used to foster change and connection within the African American and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Alexandria Searles (Morowa Mosai)
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: @morowamosai

Alexandria Searles, also known as Morowa Mosai, specializes in creating original works of art. Her style can be described as Afrocentric and Empowered Femininity. Visual arts allows her to express herself through providing a physical window to her soul. Morowa says she’s fortunate to be able to use her gift to inspire, advocate, and promote diversity across racial and cultural divides.

Brad + Melissa Carroll
Pronouns: he / him (Brad) she / her (Melissa)

Brad Carroll is a local artist specializing in oil and acrylic on canvas. He’s had work displayed at the City Gallery and the Saul Alexander Gallery in Charleston. He also won Best Oil at the North Charleston Arts Fest in 2019. Melissa Carroll is a local artist focusing on watercolor and ink drawings. The two are happily married.

Brooke Conner
Pronouns: she / her

Brooke Conner is a sophomore at the College of Charleston and is a double major in Studio Art and Historic Preservation. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but fell in love with the city of Charleston after touring the college. She is especially passionate about art history and loves including the influences of famous artists in her work. She mainly works with oil and acrylic paints. In the past, she has done many artworks for community service, most notably in high school with an auctioned painting raising money for Unified for Uganda. She is thrilled to be given the amazing opportunity to improve a Charleston community space and leave her permanent artistic mark on the city of Charleston.

Elizabeth Neid
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @elizabethmarinart

Elizabeth Neid is an artist and paralegal living in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Inspired by the small things in life, her paintings depict scenes ranging from freshly cut flowers to her favorite spots around Charleston. She primarily uses oil paints and acrylics because they have texture and allow her to add multiple layers of color to a painting. Elizabeth is passionate about creating art and thankful for opportunities that allow her to share her artwork with the community and to grow as an artist.

Elizabeth (Beth) Melton Seabrook
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @eandcoart

Raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry, Beth portrays conventional local images upon the unconventional surfaces of salvaged and repurposed materials. She thrives on combining the unexpected use of ordinary objects with the natural beauty of local scenery and wildlife.

Beth began her formal training in the field of art at the College of Charleston in 1982. She went on to study at Winthrop College with concentrations in painting and pottery. She enjoys participating in regional art shows, displaying in a local gallery and retail space as well as participating in community art events around the Lowcountry. In her free time, she has been a volunteer with numerous organizations such as the MUSC Hollings Cancer Center in the Art Therapy Department.

She lives, paints, scavenges for surfaces, and generally enjoys life in a coastal town outside of Charleston, SC with 1 helpful hubby, 4 daughters, 2 felines, and a duo of very energetic pups!

Heather Iglesias
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @heather_christian_iglesias_art

Heather loves gardening and flowers, which is why she’s overjoyed to help the community bring it’s small and native living things to life! Although she’s a self-taught artist, Heather has created murals, furniture and canvases over the past 20 years.

In addition to serving in the Army, Heather has a Bachelors of Arts in Recreation, and a minor in Psychology. Her background propelled her to share what lifts her creative energy, and what heals her soul. I’m happiest sharing therapeutic art tips on my blog

Heather Johnson
Pronouns: she / her
Website: (coming soon)
Facebook: The Swamp Artist

Heather Kay Johnson is a native South Carolina artist born and raised in the rural edge of Horry County. Surrounded by nature, she was afforded the benefit of experiencing the diverse plant and animal life in her area. The love of nature has carried her art career from the first painting sold at age 16 to multiple commissions later at 42. She moved to North Charleston in 2017 and is the owner of The Swamp Artist, an art studio operating within an art Co-op in Walterboro, SC called A.H.A.B’s. She specializes in nature-based art and pet portraits using a variety of mediums even though her favorite is acrylic.

Ingrid Sibley
Pronouns: she / they
Instagram: @black_box_charleston

Ingrid is a space activist currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. She believes that space can heal people and people can heal space. Ingrid is working to counterbalance spaces that have affected the Black diaspora with space-based energy art.

Jennifer McCarthey Tyrrell
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @jmccarthey23

Jen McCarthey Tyrrell graduated from the College of Charleston in 2007 with her Masters in Environmental Studies and has been working in the conservation world here in Charleston since. Focusing her efforts on birds and native plants through her work and passion, she spends most of her time doing something associated with those things when she’s not with family. Jen has two little girls and lives with her husband Liam and daughters on James Island where they enjoy bird watching, hiking, biking, and exploring Charleston’s beautiful landscapes. Jen works for Audubon South Carolina and is the president of the Charleston Audubon and Natural History Society and can’t wait to expand her SC flora and fauna themed art after the Blue Jay and Southern Red Oak mural at Roots and Shoots Native Plant Nursery.

Jirah Perkins
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @ujorii

Jirah Perkins is a multidisciplinary artist based in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been creating ever since she was a child. Visual art has always been her favorite way of expressing her creative voice and has stood as a tool of therapy. She experiments through different mediums and styles with a focus on women empowerment. Jirah incorporates her photography references, bold colors and textures and even poetry to create a sensory experience through her work.

Kate Ritchie
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @kateritchiestudio

Kate Ritchie is a mixed media artist who is constantly exploring new ways to create. For her collages and abstract paintings, she usually starts with a predetermined color palette but the rest of the composition organically forms along the way. Ritchie views creating art as a form of meditation and will often work on several pieces at once until each artwork comes together. She likes to think about the abstract forms in her paintings as existing in a 3 dimensional space and will often incorporate shadows, highlights, and layering shapes to convey this idea. Ritchie draws inspiration from nature and sacred geometry which is rendered through her use of vibrant color, pattern, and texture. She received a BA in Studio Art and Arts Management at the College of Charleston in 2014 and still resides in Charleston where she works out of her studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center.

Kelly Bozarth
Pronouns: she / her

A southern native, Kelly Bozarth is a designer and illustrator based in Charleston, SC. She received her BA in Art from Georgia State University and her MA in Art History from the University of Memphis. Kelly works remotely for Cooper Carry as an environmental graphic designer, specializing in signage, wayfinding, and exhibits. On the weekends you can find Kelly painting dogs wearing clothes or roaming around Edisto Island with her 9-year-old Catahoula mix, Pepper Jack. She is excited for the opportunity to partner with Enough Pie and bring some bright blooms to Vivian Moultrie Park.

Kate Barattini
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @Kbtini

Kate Barattini is a local artist inspired by her love of surfing and the charms that radiate from the natural world. She dabbles with digital art and primarily works with the ever flowing layers of acrylics. She’s grateful for her expression of visual art through these mediums to get ideas out of her head and shared with the world.

Lauren McManus
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @laur_kelly_

Lauren Kelly is a self-taught painter from Charleston, SC who has loved creating art ever since she was a child. She enjoys working with many mediums including acrylic, watercolor, gauche and pastel but focuses primarily on oil works. Lauren portrays a realistic interpretation of the subject matter with gentle brushstrokes and expressive elements of light and color. She continues to cultivate her style by exploring various types of compositions and techniques.

Lily Herman
Pronouns: she / her
Instagram: @lbherman_art

Lily is currently an MBA Candidate at the College of Charleston. Lily graduated in the Spring of 2020 from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. While at Belmont, she was a four-year member of the Belmont Women’s Soccer Team. Besides soccer, Lily enjoys being on the water, painting, giving back to her community, and spending time with family and friends. Lily is originally from Dayton, Ohio; during her childhood, she enjoyed visits to family in the Low Country and she is happy to finally call Charleston “home”.

Maribel Acosta
Pronouns: she / her

Maribel Acosta was born in Cuba and since she was a child she was linked to the visual arts and theater. She graduated from the San Alejandro Visual Arts Academy in Havana and later studied theater at the University of the Arts (ISA), also in Havana. Her artistic career has always been linked in some way to theater, visual arts and graphic design, although she has also collaborated with film projects. She lived 18 years in Quito, Ecuador where she studied pedagogy and clinical psychology, dedicating herself to teaching since 1994, while she was part of both personal and collective theater productions and exhibitions. Since 2015 she is the founder and executive director of the multicultural community organization Art Pot, in Charleston, SC, where she currently develops education projects through art and community projects of multicultural integration.

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