Dojo Nowhere: Experimental Music Series

Wednesday, September 13th at 7pm
St. Julian Devine Community Center, 1 Cooper Street
All Enough Pie programming is free and open to everyone.

Dojo Nowhere is an experimental music series, focusing on artists, composers, educators, and performers of different backgrounds and skill sets. We invite you to participate in the exchange of ideas and creative thought.

This is the third installment of the on-going and evolving project. The first existing in the form of an improvisers collective which met on Sundays in an art cafe (King Dusko, 2014) . The second being an instrument building and sound collage workshop using recycled materials (CCPL / DIY Fest, 2015).

The inspiration comes from the idea that a creative space can be anywhere (mobile or stationary) and makes for an interesting experiment when those places change over time.

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