A.C.E. Summer Camp

At A.C.E Summer Camp in July 2017, campers experienced art in many ways: they wrote lyrics, laid beats and recorded in a music studio, learned dance moves with a professional choreographer, and shot a music video.

The goal of A.C.E. (Art Center for Engagement) Summer Camp was to connect and empower 7-12 year olds in Bridgeview Village by bringing in professionals in the world of the arts to help them express what is unique and special about themselves.  Run by Ace Alexander, a former Bridgeview Resident, the camp was filled with dancing, singing, and painting.  Ace called on her friends from School of the Arts, where she graduated from while living in Bridgeview, to teach poetry, dancing, & videography.  It was important for her to bring the arts to the campers in this particular affordable housing community because of the physical isolation of the development.

Dynamic partnerships led by artists, residents, and housing developments bring together stakeholders to share ideas and build community.

Check out the video “I AM” by A.C.E. Summer Camp:

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