Home Sweet Home at the Manor

Joseph Floyd Manor (The Manor) is home to over 150 elderly and disabled neighbors in the Upper Peninsula. The 12-story building, located on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Upper King, was also the home of EP’s Indigo Vat Shack (June – Nov, 2016).

Led by Cortney Bishop Design, interior designers have joined Enough Pie to help make The Manor lobby into a welcoming and comfortable environment for residents and their loved ones.

The first installation of furniture was completed in January, 2017.

We would like to send a very special thank you to the Home Sweet Home Donors:

  • Cortney Bishop Design
  • Anna Hopkins
  • Snyder Events
  • Rob Leahy and Fine Rugs of Charleston
  • Kathleen Young
  • Jane Quinn
  • Lane McClure and friends
  • Allie Grass
  • Susan Kridler
  • Molly Baslow
  • Kate Nevin
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Enough Pie Staff
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