Enough Pie to Present at the Statewide Arts Conference 2014

Enough Pie Founder, Kate Nevin, will be speaking at the 2014 Statewide Arts Conference in Columbia on Thursday September 18th. The focus of this year’s conference is Change: Acknowledge, anticipate, adapt. “Is it possible to prepare for the uncertainty of change?”

Enough Pie was conceived on the premise of change. Our mission was founded upon the collaboration of creativity and community in an area of Charleston that is, and will, experience much change over the coming years. We’ve always felt that the people most able to handle change are those that approach it with an open mind, a creative spirit and inclusive outreach.

Charleston is a city on the rise, but with so much growth in recent years, there is an increased focus on managing this growth with an eye on the benefits as well as unintended consequences. Enough Pie is working against this backdrop with a focus on one particular area on the Charleston Peninsula, the northern most communities. This community will experience the most change over the coming years. Using the tenants of creative placemaking, our own version of creative placeSAVING as well as tools for inclusivity, Enough Pie believes we can help get out in front of some of these issues and use arts, culture and community engagement to help find progressive solutions to build a better community, all the while thinking about how artists and arts organizations can play a role in catalyzing vibrancy and authenticity from the inside out.

If you are interested in this topic, please join Enough Pie at the conference in Columbia. Kate will be presenting with Jennifer Evins, President of The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg. Their session, titled, Creativity + Community: Leveraging Change for Good, is targeted to any attendees who believe in the transformative power of the arts – especially as a tool for social engagement and a way to build stronger, more diverse and vibrant communities.

“With collective intentionality, arts organizations can shift the thinking around the relationships between artists and evolving neighborhoods, and build networks to create opportunities for talking about that shift.” – artsfwd.org

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