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On Valentine’s Day in 2014, EP and friends got together to spread the love with a community-led “LOVE” mural. Other partners at the event included:

Charleston Portrait Project: By collecting self-made images of community members, the project will create a “portrait of Charleston” that will be shared with the public in March 2015.  All ages welcome!

Just Dance + One Billion Rising: Join us to DANCE with your community and in connection with fellow movers and shakers across the globe for One Billion Rising to raise awareness + end violence against women. All ages are welcome – no dance experience necessary.  Stay warm by moving with your friends and neighbors!

Charleston Wine + Food: We’ll have paint for the community mural, so when we heard we had a neighbor in need, we figured we’d share the love!  CW+F office is just across the street from Revelry Brewing Co. so we will help the festival by painting one of their “X”s for the set-up in Marion Square!  Don’t miss a chance to get your artwork all over this town!

Webster defines “community” as:

  1. “A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town or neighborhood),
  2. a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.
  3. a group of nations”.  

I think most of us embrace the concept of community with the knowledge that the things that make us different can actually bring us closer together.  Most of us are here because we love it here.  And when I say here I mean the community of the upper peninsula – NoMo, Eastside, East Central, Northside, North Central, the Neck, Wagner Terrace.

From whatever you part hail and whatever part you play – business, resident, student, visitor – we all combine together to create a pretty unique community in Charleston.  Let’s celebrate that!

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