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Back by Popular Demand

Come visit the first public indigo dye space in South Carolina! Enough Pie’s INDIGO VAT SHACK offers hands-on experiences with indigo, a historic and sacred dye plant with deep roots in SC. The VAT SHACK is a mobile shack and indigo workshop that engages the Upper Peninsula and its neighborhoods in a creative project.

Back by popular demand! Learn the art, history and science of indigo – hands-on! The VAT SHACK is behind REDUX off of King Street (turn on Poinsett to get into the parking lot). We will offer EP tee-shirts to dye ($20), a free square, and thread (for friendship bracelets). This is the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month this fall through the end of November. It is free and open to everyone.

This off-the-grid, mobile arts unit will provide the Upper Peninsula with a new space for community engagement, outdoor learning, and textile art exploration. Attendees will learn the art, science, history, and culture of indigo through a hands-on learning experience in natural dyeing. Perfect for all ages!

Meet Our VAT SHACK Artists (aka Den Mamas)

VAT SHACK will also provide interactive education for schools and programs in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula. Student workshops at VAT SHACK include a comprehensive lesson on the history of indigo and its historical and economic role in Charleston, as well as instruction on the science and art of dyeing.

All participants will be given the opportunity to express their own individual creativity through dyeing materials under the supervision of an established indigo expert and will tie in a part of their hand-dyed piece to the COMMUNITY RAG QUILT, which will be added to over the next year and will have a permanent home, once complete, at the John L. Dart Library on Upper King Street.

Have something you’d like to DYE? Join us!

  • Saturday, September 14 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)
  • Saturday, September 28 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)
  • Saturday, October 12 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)
  • Saturday, October 26 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)
  • Saturday, November 9 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)
  • Saturday, November 23 9am-12pm: VAT SHACK (Redux Parking Lot)

Want to get involved? Learn how to become a business or individual partner, join our VAT SHACK Steering Team (send an email to, or send comments to

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