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strEATweekly: Pop-up streating with a twist

One of our favorite tactical urbanism practices is strEATing, which transforms the average street into a new forum for food, conversation and community:

[Video from the inspiring folks at Our Empty Space in Connecticut + Ian of NHV.ORG]

But what happens when you take a lighter, quicker, cheaper approach to streating? Can you toss out all the planning and permit-wrangling? Can streating be as natural as heading to your favorite lunch spot on a Friday afternoon?

Enough Pie thinks so.

Introducing strEATweekly: a bi-weekly popup picnic that temporarily transforms the streetscape of the upper peninsula into a community picnic hub. Using a portable picnic table to reclaim a green patch or parking spot, we’ll invite anyone – passers-by, small business patrons + owners, residents – to have a seat at our table. Think of it as office hours wi

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