Love (Yarn) Bomb!

Inspired by LOVE, Enough Pie & Friends YARN BOMBED the historic smokestake at the St. Julian Devine Community Center on Valentine’s Day in 2016 off East Bay in the Eastside of Charleston, SC.

Community Yarn Bomb: We yarn bombed the historic chimneys of St. Julian to bring a colorful spotlight to this historic community center.

Silent Dance Party: In conjunction with 1 Billion Rising (a global dance to end violence against women), Enough Pie and BoomTown hosted an epic (silent) dance party on the front lawn of one of Charleston’s most beautiful community centers. Valentine’s Day is made for dancing!

Weekly Knitting/Crochet Circle: We came together weekly as a community and knit/crochet to help shine a light on the St. Julian Devine Community Center. Teachers were on-hand to help novice knitters. Thanks to artists across the country who mailed in their granny squares to participate!

Special Thanks to Our Partners:
St. Julian Devine Community CenterEastside Community Development CorporationBoomTownBrendan JamesNelson Printing, and 1 Billion Rising

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