THE PEOPLE’S PARK: Underpass Mural Project


Enough Pie is looking for mural submissions and renderings for the 12 concrete columns (8 feet in circumference and 10 foot high murals) and a basketball court (20ft x 30ft). By showing what a small section of this dormant City of Charleston park could be, the hope is to inspire more to come.


  1. Please submit a rendering of your artwork in place using the photo on this page – either an 8ft x 10ft column artwork or a 20ft x 30ft basketball court artwork
  2. List of materials (spray paint, masonry paint, etc.)
  3. Email & Phone Number



Bridge Column Murals with Enough Pie 


Based on these guidelines from SCDOT, all artists are asked to follow the following rules in order to ensure your work can be included as a column mural:

  1. Murals shall not contain religious, political, special interest, private, or commercial messages of any sort, including, but not limited to, symbols, logos, business names, trade names, jingles, or slogans.
  2. Murals shall not display telephone numbers, street addresses, internet addresses, or any words that face traffic.
  3. Murals shall not contain advertising, names, or artist recognition.
  4. Murals shall not contain any promotion of causes.
  5. Murals shall create a distraction to the motoring public, no words that face traffic.
  6. Murals shall not have reflective or glaring surface finishes.
  7. Murals shall not include illumination that impairs or distracts the vision of transportation system users. Other lighting may be permitted. Ground mounted up-lights are acceptable.
  8. Murals shall not display blinding or intermittent or moving lights, including changeable message signs, digital displays or static displays such as LEDs.
  9. Murals shall not include moving elements or simulated movement. 

Working alongside local artists & community members, an open CALL FOR ARTISTS is happening now for mural installations in Spring, 2020. Submissions are due on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 to be emailed to:

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