PlayUP Charleston


PlayUP will be bringing a Play Street to the following neighborhoods:

North Central
Maple Street (off King/ dead-end at I-26)
September 12 @ 12-4pm

Romney Urban Garden
(including a Community Pizza Party)
September 19 @ 4-7pm

Eastside – Community Block Party
America + Phillip Street
October 24 @ 11-3pm

Enough Pie and If You Were Mayor are excited to introduce the winner of the Community Project Grant: Christen Thompson and Julia Turner! This dynamic duo (of recent Itinerant Literate fame) have been awarded up to $1K to host PlayUP Charleston, a series of art- and community-driven events often called “play streets.” PlayUP Charleston will close a neighborhood street to traffic to inspire new space for creativity and play. With movement and fun fueled by interactive activities, as well as portable shelves filled with books, educational and artistic materials, the Upper Peninsula neighborhood will come together for imagination and learning. Each shelf, sponsored by a different organization, will bring knowledge and art to families in the Upper Peninsula. Neighbors will be transported to a whole new place without hardly leaving their backyard. Through community participation, we will create a place where kids can read together, with their parents, or by themselves or where they can learn how to make a new kind of art or play a new kind of sport–essentially, where they can be transported to a whole new place without hardly leaving their backyards.

Do you think you’d be an ideal sponsor for a cubby? The sponsorship is creative in itself–the materials you provide are totally up to you. All we ask is that you try to keep them themed toward art, education, or creativity. They can be as simple as a few picture books related to your organization or as complex as an interactive project that goes along with your materials. Reach out to Enough Pie at if you have thoughts, ideas or questions.

Stay tuned for a play street near you!

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