This annual event is one of Enough Pie’s largest projects each year and serves to shine a light on resources, places, people, and issues that deeply affect our community.

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Artistic Collaborations

Enough Pie collaborates with artists throughout the upper peninsula to creatively envision how the neighborhood could be.

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Butterfly Book Nook

Established in 2017, the Butterfly Book Nook is located at 1020 King Street and was founded in memory of Cynthia Graham Hurd.

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Civic Engagement

Enough Pie is an active member of the community and engages in the civic process to identify and address issues of public concern.

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Creative Placemaking

We help make places great by facilitating lighter, quicker, cheaper solutions to make the upper peninsula an inclusive and diverse place where everyone feels welcome.

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Dynamic Partnerships

Working together with residents, businesses and organizations to accomplish much more together than we could on our own.

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Up-Start Projects

Got a creative idea to connect and empower this area of Charleston? We partner with local visionaries to provide seed money and production support to put creative ideas into action!

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