To celebrate season one of Tales from the Manor, KOLPEACE, a Charleston based artist whose purpose and passion can be felt in every one of his beautiful artworks, created this one-of-a-kind painting for the entryway of Joseph Floyd Manor.

The Fungus Among Us

THE FUNGUS AMONG US: Our Mycelium Connection Thursday, March 14 - Saturday, March 23 Redux Contemporary Art Center, 1056 King Street CHECK OUT THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY HERE Envisioned by DC-based artist Naoko Wowsugi with partner Enough Pie, this 10-day installation was collaboration with local artists Mikki Blackman and Deborah Donovan Rice, Cara Ernst, and [...]


Visit 1067 King Street to visit the John L. Dart Library! A colorful book themed mural was painted on the south side of John L. Dart Library on Upper King Street in honor of librarian Cynthia Graham Hurd. The full wall mural is in tribute to Cynthia Graham Hurd’s dedication to the library and commitment to the community. Cynthia [...]


The Upper Peninsula is also known as the warehouse district. Over Halloween in 2015, Enough Pie and our sponsor at BoomTown presented SOUND + LIGHT, a warehouse art installation in darkness by artist Craig Colorusso at 1505 King Street Extension in the Upper Peninsula. An immersive, experiential installation in a cavernous darkened space, the 80,000+ square [...]


FRIDAY, AUGUST 14 @ 6PM Community Room @ Joseph Floyd Manor 2016 Mount Pleasant Street All Are Welcome ABOUT THE TALK: Italian artist Hitnes is on a three-month journey through the United States to retrace and rediscover the America that John James Audubon traversed in the making of The Birds of America. En route, Hitnes is producing public murals torn […]

STREET PULP: An UP-Start Project

Enough Pie collaborated with artist Kris Westerson, assisted by volunteers from the community, to present four individual Street Pulp events, each at a different location in the Upper Peninsula. Working outside in parking lots and playgrounds, community members of all ages made and decorated paper from pulp containing recycled clothing and paper collected from the community before the [...]

Community Love Mural

On Valentine's Day in 2014, EP and friends got together to spread the love with a community-led "LOVE" mural. Other partners at the event included: Charleston Portrait Project:: By collecting self-made images of community members, the project will create a “portrait of Charleston” that will be shared with the public in March 2015.  All ages welcome! [...]

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