WORDS ON WINDOWS: Nourishing Poems In The Upper Peninsula

Enough Pie is proud to once again partner with the Free Verse Poetry Festival to put poetry in public places.  This year, we will focus on poetry in and around restaurants to combine Enough Pie’s annual AWAKENING theme of NOURISH with the Free Verse Poetry Festival’s mission to uplift the community by providing eclectic poetry [...]

Making Great Places In CHS

There are places we remember vividly, places where things happen serendipitously, places we tell stories about. Marion Square, The Battery, Hampton Park, King Street Second Sundays — places like these are essential to community engagement. Great cities contain networks of great streets and inviting public spaces. What are the ingredients, what makes place?  Philip Winn of Project [...]

Love (Yarn) Bomb!

Inspired by LOVE, Enough Pie & Friends YARN BOMBED the historic smokestake at the St. Julian Devine Community Center on Valentine's Day in 2016 off East Bay in the Eastside of Charleston, SC. Community Yarn Bomb: We yarn bombed the historic chimneys of St. Julian to bring a colorful spotlight to this historic community center. Silent Dance [...]

Community Love Mural

On Valentine's Day in 2014, EP and friends got together to spread the love with a community-led "LOVE" mural. Other partners at the event included: Charleston Portrait Project:: By collecting self-made images of community members, the project will create a “portrait of Charleston” that will be shared with the public in March 2015.  All ages welcome! [...]

Pop-ups in the Park

There's a park on the corner of Romney and Meeting. Deemed the Romney Street Mini Park, it's only half an acre, but there's nothing small about its potential...So we are teaming up with a handful of organizations, schools and artists to present a variety of performances and interactive arts activities in a little space that's BIG on community! Join Enough Pie for Pop-ups [...]

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