UP-Start: Funding Your Creative Project

Need money and help for your creative solution to connecting our community? You’ve come to the right place. Charleston’s Upper Peninsula (UP) is 836 acres of neighbors, businesses, churches, cemeteries, and big roads like Upper Meeting, Morrison and Upper King. At Enough Pie, we aim to connect communities throughout UP creatively to help craft a stronger neighborhood. […]

Community Kiosk

The first UP-START community kiosk is complete! UP-Start grant awardee Pamela Simons helped produce an artful, community-centric kiosk in the Upper Peninsula where neighbors and organizations can share key info. The goal is to offer on-the-ground, street-level ways to access news for the neighborhood that is not computer or web dependent. The first community kiosk is located at the intersection of Meeting, Morrison, and Mount Pleasant [...]

PlayUP: An UP-Start Grant for PLAY

UP-Start awardees Christen Thompson and Julia Turner share their inspiration behind PlayUP (taking play to the streets of the Upper Peninsula) and what it takes to open up a street or empty lot to play and learning. The concept—to provide free, educational and creative activities and items that would be eye-catching and engaging to adults and children—was easy enough [...]

STREET PULP: An UP-Start Project

Enough Pie collaborated with artist Kris Westerson, assisted by volunteers from the community, to present four individual Street Pulp events, each at a different location in the Upper Peninsula. Working outside in parking lots and playgrounds, community members of all ages made and decorated paper from pulp containing recycled clothing and paper collected from the community before the [...]

UP-Start Grantee Spotlight: Meryl Weber of Hop, Skip and a Jump

*Hop, Skip and a Jump will be at the Charleston Farmers Market on Saturday, May 17 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.! Come help us build another mosaic hopscotch board for the upper peninsula* Meet Meryl Weber of Hop, Skip and a Jump, one of the first recipients of our our Community Project Grants program! Through a [...]

UP-Start Grantee Spotlight: Germaine Jenkins of Fresh Future Farm

We are so excited to be working with grantee Germaine Jenkins, Community Garden Coordinator and owner of Urban Veggucation, for one of our very first Community Project Grants! The Chicora Place Community Garden Vista-gram will engage residents and volunteers on a monthly garden workday to create planters using found materials and take part in a community photography project […]

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