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Season one of Enough Pie’s Tales from the Manor radio show has been adapted into a book, released February 27th, 2020. The show features interviews with residents of the Joseph Floyd Manor, a 12-story home for low-income elderly and disabled citizens run by Charleston County Housing & Redevelopment Authority. Each episode features a resident who shares their life story, including their history of Charleston and the challenges and triumphs of the Upper Peninsula then and now.

“What I come away from these rich narratives feeling is a sense of being ‘reconnected’ to memories of a past that I did not remember. For that I am grateful. I commend the residents and staff at Joseph Floyd Manor for reminding us about who we are and how our city lives in their memory.”

-Dr. Ade Ofunniyin, The Gullah Society

The power to write history lies in the stories of the privileged.  Tales from the Manor spotlights the generational wisdom of mainly African American elders rarely included in history books. What began as a weekly podcast on 96.3 OHM Radio in Charleston to explore the lives of residents often pushed to the side of society, Tales from the Manor has become an important conversation about building communities, neighborhoods, and economies that serve the needs of all.

This collection of interviews from Season One, envisioned by local non-profit Enough Pie, provides an alternative history to the city and our society at large.  “I don’t work well with stereotypes,” says Carolyn Jones, guest of the first episode.  “I deal with people from all different walks of life in my building.”  Prepare to be forever changed.

Want to know more about Tales from the Manor?  All past episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud – search Tales from the Manor. Books are available for purchase online, at local bookstores, or at the Enough Pie office.

Past episodes can be found on iTunes Podcasts or Enough Pie’s Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/enoughpie) page after they air on the radio.

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