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Stories told by friends and strangers can be the source of valuable insight and a shared joy. Enough Pie, in partnership with Ohm Radio 96.3, is proud to present Tales from the Manor, a storytelling series that introduces audiences to the powerful histories of Joseph Floyd Manor residents. Summer Anderson, a Charleston resident and creative and Jae Smith, case intake specialist at Joseph Floyd Manor, co-host the podcast with a new guest from Joseph Floyd Manor each episode.

“We hope to highlight the wisdom that these elders hold and to learn from their rich and diverse experiences,” says Summer Anderson.  This sentiment is echoed by co-host Jae Smith, “I’ve always been a conversationalist, and to be able to sit down with experienced minds and listen to them unfold their journey’s not only enriches my life but enriches the history of the communities they thrived in, and encourages generations to come.”

The Joseph Floyd Manor is a 12-story federal housing development for low-income elderly residents. This public housing high rise, situated in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula, is filled with the treasures of life experiences, both uplifting and heartbreaking, known by the unique and wise elders who live in the building.

The benefit of sharing the stories of the residents can be heard in the first episode with JFM resident Carolyn Jones. During her conversation with Summer and Jae, Carolyn reminds us of the pitfalls of comparison: “I don’t work well with stereotypes,” says Jones. “I deal with people from all different walks of life in my building,” says Carolyn when considering her experience at the Joseph Floyd Manor, “I learn from just being around a lot of different people. Life itself has taught me a lot of lessons.”

The life stories shared on Tales from the Manor can be found on air at Ohm Radio 96.3 every other Wednesday at 1pm and every other Sunday at 3pm, beginning on Wednesdays, February 13th.

Past episodes can be found on iTunes Podcasts or Enough Pie’s Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/enoughpie) page after they air on the radio.

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